WhiteApp's Services for hotels

Drive more revenues with mobile: Bookings, In-Room Dining, Spa, Restaurants, and Amenities. Discover how to stimulate your hotel sales.

Revolutionize Your Concierge

Your guests no longer need to make a call or go through the reception to call upon your services.

Capture the User’s Attention

Take advantage of our platform to offer a fast app wherever the user is located with a content in his language.

Boost Your Hotel Sales

Optimize conversions on mobile, eliminate all barriers your guests may face making your procurement process complicated and start to generate revenues now.

A 360° Geolocation System

Enable your guests to find their way and be guided to your hotel or to a point of interest with your app.

Guarantee the Best User Experience

All consumers don’t have the same device, all kind of mobiles devices are important to WhiteApp. We guarantee a content adapted to any device to offer the best possible user experience.

Be Constantly Linked to Your Guests

Powerful features that serve your guests before, during and after their stay. The optimal mobile solution that enhances your sales and guest satisfaction. Create a privileged relationship with your users. Wherever your guest is, your app is present in his smartphone, his tablet, or in his hotel room.