Revolutionize Your Concierge

WhiteApp Solution for Hotels

Your guests no longer need to make a call or go through the reception to call upon your services. Let them discover your e-concierge to facilitate their stay.

Delight Your Guests with an Efficient and Practical Stay

An e-concierge service on smartphones and tablets to satisfy your guests and boost your sales

  • Bookings

    Your guest can send your hotel requests directly from his smartphone or tablet and receive swiftly an answer from your staff.

  • Airport Shuttle

    Before his arrival, the guest can send you a request for an airport shuttle via your app.

  • Points of Interest

    The guest can discover attractions and points of interest around your hotel. Through an interactive map,guide your guest into destination.

  • Flight Departures and Arrivals

    Book a flight, obtain information on arrivals and departures schedule and track the position of any flight is possible from your app and In-Room tablet.

  • In-Room Dining

    Your guest can view menus and order from his device and be served in his room.

  • Room Services

    Receive concierge requests straight on your platform, your guest can add a message with specific requests and be informed with a notification when it’s ready.