Guarantee the Best User Experience

GET STARTED with Multi-devices and Resolutions

All consumers don’t have the same device, all kind of mobiles devices are important to WhiteApp. We guarantee a content adapted to any device to offer the best possible user experience.

An interface developed for all resolutions

Your mobile site can be visited from any kind of mobile devices. For this reason, our experts develop a mobile site for your hotel in such a way that the visitor has the best possible experience from any device.

Make your hotel present on App Store with two native apps for iPhones and iPads

With an app present on the second mobile operating system, your hotel app can be downloaded on 21% of smartphones in the world.

Reach 70% of smartphone users with your Android app downloadable on Google Play

WhiteApp develop two more apps to make your hotel present on smartphones and tablets as Samsung, Sony, or LG which are Android devices. A mobile operating system present on 70% of smartphones in the world.

An app for Amazon Kindle Tablet

Amazon Kindle Tablet is often used and taken during trips to read ebooks. With WhiteApp, your hotel can be accessible via this tablet.