Capture the User’s Attention

WhiteApp Solution for Hotels

Take advantage of our platform to offer a fast app wherever the user is located with a content in his language.

Did you know that a majority of users surveyed feel that having information in their language was more important than a low price?

Speed of Display

  • "53% Of users will abandon a site after waiting 3 seconds for a page to load." *

  • "64% Of smartphone users want a site to load within 4 seconds." **

  • "60% Of tablet users except to wait less than 3 seconds." **

Make Your Hotel Multilingual

Capture the guests’ attention from the first second and create a privileged relationship by communicating with them in their language.
Since Opening, an App in the User’s Language

With our technology, your mobile site and app will be displayed by default in the user’s language even if he didn’t activate location service.

Your app can support up to 47 different languages

Our solution is developed for the global market, no one will be excluded. Your contents will be translated in the main languages used by your guests. You can add specific languages later according to your needs.

What is the point of having a mobile site or an app if it can’t be opened in less than 3 seconds?

Usually, hotels’ guests are often in differents places around the world. That’s why a based infrastructure on CDN is mandatory to serve contents within 3 seconds to all your users. Especially when there are HD pictures to illustrate your hotel.