AdWords SEA

Google Ads Sponsored SEO Agency

Sponsored SEO or SEA offers you immediate exposure at the top of search results. So get guaranteed clicks on very specific queries without waiting for your pages to be indexed in search engines .

"82% of internet users use search engines"

Analysis and Optimization of your SEO referencing

  • Keyword definition

    It is fundamental to define consistent keywords that will ensure you significant traffic, but above all qualified. This step is governed by the use of specific tools and the competitive analysis of your activity. This will allow you to respond to the following question: what are the most relevant keywords? A single watchword: pay less and earn more!

  • Determine your budget

    The success of your campaigns does not only lie in the definition of keywords, since in adWords referencing, the one that pays the most, appears first. The difficulty is to obtain significant traffic, by paying the as little as possible thanks to our extensive knowledge of the mechanisms of Google adWords. We thus optimize your ROI to the maximum.

  • An additional lever

    Unlike natural referencing, which is long-term, sponsored referencing allows you to appear immediately in search results. But beware, this service can be very expensive if it is not produced, optimized, and monitored by an agency specializing in Google Ads sponsored referencing.

  • Understanding numbers

    24 hours after setting up your various campaigns, the analysis work can begin. We then go through and optimize the costs as well as the keywords defined, in order to maximize your traffic. Every month, we repeat this path in order to guarantee you an optimal positioning in the long term.

82% of Internet users use search engines

Thanks to sponsored referencing, or SEA, you generate qualified traffic to your website, since nearly 82% of Internet users begin their navigation on a search engine. Not entrusting opting for sponsored referencing would be tantamount to ignoring these Internet users, and to let them calmly move towards your competitors.Our objective is to bring you a turnkey mobile application, and scalable, regardless of the type of application developed:Be better positioned than your competitorsPosition your site quicklyIncrease your traffic and your turnoverImprove your notoriety