Natural SEO

Increase your website's visibility in Google search results with an effective SEO strategy. Position your site as high as possible to outperform your competitors.

"93% of online experiences starts with a search"

Analysis and Optimization of your SEO referencing


    Analysis of your content, keywords, markup, traffic and inbound links


    Analysis of your site's code, performance, bounce rate and indexability


    Benchmark your competitors to identify the keywords they use


    Development of a SEO strategy including a technical and content part


    Technical optimization of your site and development of targeted content


    Send a detailed monthly report including the metrics to monitor

Our SEO agency

The mission of a natural referencing agency is mainly to increase the positioning of your keywords on the various search engines.The objective of our internet referencing agency is to make you earn in visibility, in traffic but above all in turnover!

SEO Audit

We carry out a complete checkup of your website in order to detect all the problems that affect your SEO. Each problem is classified according to its degree of seriousness.Based on the SEO analysis, we make recommendations through a complete report to optimize the natural referencing of your website.

SEO service delay

The first results of the optimization work can take several weeks or even months before being significant. This is why it is important to regularly monitor the positioning of your website in order to be able, if necessary, to , make corrections.

Analysis and Optimization of your SEO referencing


Historically specialized in natural referencing, our agency supports you in improving the visibility of your website on search engines with the aim of more qualified traffic, for more turnover.


90% of Internet users have gone through a search engine before ordering on an e-commerce site. In E-commerce, the work of natural referencing is therefore extremely important, and even more on Google which is the equivalent of 'a mall frequented by millions of potential customers.


78% of local mobile searches lead to in-store purchases. Being visible locally on queries such as “Business + Paris” or “Service + City” is essential in 2019.