Visual Identity

Taking brands further.*

Give your business strength with a visual identity.
*Take the brand further

"50% of consumers believe that web design is crucial for a brand"

WhiteApp helps you create and improve your visual identity

  • Let's create your logo together

  • Web Graphic Charter

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  • Paper Media

A team dedicated to your project.

Surveying your customers is a great way to find out who they are, what keeps them coming back, what they think of your customer experience on mobile and web, and what they would like to improve. Go beyond NPS to truly understand the voice of the customer.

Transcribe the image of your brand

Because each company is unique, the website must be the image it reflects on the internet. A graphic designer will take care of preparing a unique and neat design in the image of your company.

A creative team

Faced with your competitors, it is essential to create a strong and rewarding image of your company. Our creatives help you stand out with an identity that marks your customers.

Professional and impactful communication media

Improve the presentation of your activity with durable media: paper communication lasts over time and makes the commercial relationship last.
Your sales brochures, your business cards, your flap folders, your posters advertising, your flyers, are the tools that will help you sell and therefore develop your turnover!

WhiteApp helps you create and improve your visual identity


Historically specialized in natural referencing, our agency supports you in improving the visibility of your website on search engines with the aim of more qualified traffic, for more turnover.


90% of Internet users have gone through a search engine before ordering on an e-commerce site. In E-commerce, the work of natural referencing is therefore extremely important, and even more on Google which is the equivalent of 'a mall frequented by millions of potential customers.


78% of local mobile searches lead to in-store purchases. Being visible locally on queries such as “Business + Paris” or “Service + City” is essential in 2019.