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With the healthcare market becoming increasingly saturated, an effective digital marketing strategy has never been more important. At WhiteApp, we have experience in creating bespoke digital marketing campaigns that will help you reach the people who need your services.

73% of travelers prepare the activities of their stay online before departure.

Reservation service on your attraction website

Ask for the best for the communication of your crèche! The success of your crèche depends, as for many relational professions, on highlighting your work and your digital communication (especially for crèches). And for that, what better than the web? Creating an online presence as a crèche, by following a few fairly simple rules, allows you to:
  • Raise awareness your work
  • Dramatically increase your notoriety
  • Optimize your professional opportunities.
  • Keep the trust of parents.

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Important restaurant information

Important Information

Risk activity, Schedules, access map .. To present the team, the room or your labels, the Pages tool is ideal, it allows you to create dynamic pages with photos, videos, animations ...

Blog, Photo Album, Video Gallery ...


You can also create a photo album or a video gallery very simply to whet customers' appetites and present the setting in which they will spend their day...

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A team of designers and graphic artists are here to help you find the logo and design that matches your image. We do not use the same design for all our clients unlike other agencies.

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Digital SEO

Creating a website is only useful if it is well referenced. Indeed 84% of Internet users only visit the first 5 results on Google search.

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Social Networks

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Maps, TikTok, Youtube .. we know how their networks work! WhiteApp will help you create and improve your presence on these platforms!

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Online Reputation

Reviews and online reputation is a very important indicator of the quality of service you offer in 2022. Don't let customers slip through your fingers!

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