Create a restaurant website

Be close to your patients before, during and after their meal!

Customers will be able to view your menu, find your establishment, book a table online, or request quotes for group meals or special events.

Why create a restaurant website?

Creating a restaurant website, with the right marketing strategy, is an effective way to open and succeed in a restaurant or brewery business and reach a wider clientele immediately as well as promote your cuisine throughout the country or even around the world.
WhiteApp Agency allows you to create a restaurant website!Customers will be able to find your establishment, view your menu, book a table online or request quotes for group meals or events particular liers, notify you for the preparation of specific meals. Reach more customers online now by creating your restaurant website with WhiteApp.

In 2025 84% of the population will order online.

The perfect tool to create an online map

Ask for the best for the creation of your restaurant, canteen or brasserie website! Our powerful platform will allow you in a few clicks to modify and update your restaurant menu or gourmet restaurant.
It allows to create your menu online: add your dishes, your drinks or your wine list thanks to an easy-to-use interface. Now present your menu in a clear and precise way for your customers. (example: starters, main courses, desserts ).

Book a table online

Reserving a table online for your restaurant or brasserie has never been easier! Thanks to our free table reservation widget for individuals or groups or for a special event.
It's free to use and without commission: find out how to set up the table reservation system on your site.

Tripadvisor, Yelp, Booking, Google Places..

Today's online reputation determines the success or otherwise of a restaurant, brasserie or gourmet restaurant business. Thanks to our platform, take control over the image that people have of you. advance and deal with bad reviews before they hit the internet with your restaurant website.

Your restaurant website with WhiteApp

Important restaurant information

Important Information

Halal Restaurant, Hours, access map .. To present the team, the room or your labels, the Pages tool is ideal, it allows you to create dynamic pages with photos, videos, animations. ..

Feature reviews from happy customers

Restaurant Guestbook

Recommendations from real consumers are always more effective than a simple text stating that you are the best local restaurant or the best caterer in the region.

Blog, Photo Album, Video Gallery ...


You can also create a photo album or a video gallery very simply to whet the appetite of customers and present the setting in which they will take their meal, the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Your online business card

Website for you

Our expertise in the field of the web will save you a lot of time. Trust us to create a website that is easy to customize and update later.

Take control over your image

Logo, Print in your colors

A team of designers and graphic artists are here to help you find the logo and design that matches your image. We do not use the same design for all our clients unlike other agencies.

Be Google's best friend

Digital SEO

Creating a website is only useful if it is well referenced. Indeed 84% of Internet users only visit the first 5 results on Google search.

A name you can trust.

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